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Open Vein

Title: Open Vein
Pairing: Jace/Simon
Rating: PG
Word Count: 726
Summary: Set during CoFA when they go back to Simon’s apartment after grocery shopping. Jace finds himself willing to let Simon feed on him again and Simon can’t resist.
A/N: Played a little with the whole vampire-blood relationship they have with each other. Not really Jimon, per se. More like Simon/Jace’s blood and Jace/the drug feeling he gets

This was not what Jace had expected. When they returned to Simon’s new apartment with a handful of groceries, there were mentions of “you look like crap,” and “when was the last time you fed?” and the vampire had only dismissed his comments with a shrug.

It happened so abruptly, Jace didn’t even realise what he had said until after the words had left his own mouth.

“You can drink mine again, if you really have to,” he had said. Jace had thrown it out there and the offer stood hanging limply in the air like one of those air-fresheners Jace had seen in a mundane car. He was about to take it back, claim it was only a joke, when he saw a dark flash in Simon’s eyes and stopped himself short.

Simon, without any hesitance, walked over to the blonde shadowhunter. With a quiet mutter of “just this once,”Jace watched him with both eagerness and apprehension as the other boy leaned closer to Jace’s neck. Without really thinking, Jace closed his eyes and for a moment he ridiculously felt like a schoolgirl awaiting her first kiss. Jace snorted at the thought.

“Something funny?” Simon murmured. His hot breath tickled Jace’s skin and he clenched his hands into fists.

“Yeah, just remembering this really funny joke about your mom I heard the other day.” He surprised himself with the smooth tone. In reality, he felt anything but.

“You’re a dick.”

“Ouch, didn’t see that one coming. You know, vampire, I think you should write a list of your remarkable comebacks, you know, so you can share them with the rest of the world without leaving us little people behind. Or better yet, a novel describing to us word-for-word how you come up with such witty remarks. I’m sure it’d be on the best-seller list in-”

“Shut up, Jace.” Simon interrupted. And before Jace could say reply with another sarcastic comeback, Simon bit into the other’s neck in such a rapid movement that Jace stumbled backwards. He quickly caught on to Simon’s shoulders for support.

The familiar feeling of both haziness and a strange kind of lucidity rushed through Jace and he restrained himself from pushing Simon’s mouth further into his neck, tightening his grip on Simon’s shoulders instead. He closed his eyes again and he saw oblivion behind the white hot glow of the apartment’s florescent lights. He was probably the most vulnerable he had been in a while and if somebody had asked him for his secrets, he’d spill them like an open vein.    

Jace was beginning to drift into a trance when Simon began to pull away and this time Jace really did push him back non-too gently, his hands clenching tightly to the vampire’s dark hair.

“Jace,” he could hear Simon gasp from a distance, but Jace could hardly hear him. Simon pulled away with more force and Jace, in his daze, could not compete with the vampire’s inhuman strength.

“Jace,” Simon said more sternly. Jace heard him this time and as his vision slowly focused on Simon’s concerned face, he quickly realised that something was wrong.

“What?” Jace drawled out and Simon sighed.

“I almost- you…” he trailed off and wiped the remaining blood from his lips with his sleeve.

“What is it, bloodsucker? Spit it out.”

Simon looked at Jace incredulously before saying, “I almost killed you again. Why wouldn’t you let me stop?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jace lied. He knew it was a feeble attempt, but it was worth a try. Simon threw up his hands in frustration.

“You’re unbelievable.” He shook his head and then in a quieter voice he asked, “doesn’t it hurt? Am I hurting you?”

Jace smiled at him with dark humour. “Oh believe me Simon, it hurts.”

Simon looked at him with a mixture of guilt and something that resembled pity. “Then why do you-”

“It’s amazing how quickly I get bored of our conversations.” Jace swiftly walked to the door. If there was one thing he couldn’t stand, it was pity.

He could feel Simon’s burning gaze on his back as he reached for the doorknob.


Jace didn’t turn around, still facing the door. “What?”

“Thanks.” Simon’s voice sounded genuinely thankful. Jace finally turned around and smiled at him with the same dark humour as earlier.

“Anytime, vampire.”



That was so perfectly them. Very good.
thanks for reading!
I could almost taste blood. I found that you portrayed as funny as Cassie do the confused and funny relationship of these two. What a compliment, huh? That's why I bet that if you strive in making a fanfic with a better plot, it would be amazing. Thanks!

Edit: I really appreciated the creativity for the title.